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Boiler and Steam Generation Systems (Ref:OTSBSG001)

Course Objectives

To understand the history of combustion and the theory of boiler control and operational safety. Boiler and Steam Generation theory will be covered as an underpinning knowledge and this will be built upon with a more detailed insight into the technologies used.

Course Description

This course covers both the history of combustion and the theory of boiler control. This includes the associated safeguarding system and operational procedures to ensure safety of equipment and personnel.

Who Should Attend

The course is for operators, from junior level to supervisors who require an understanding of combustion and control systems as part of their duties in a large petroleum plant such as a refinery. It would also be of use to those concerned with boiler maintenance such as mechanical and instrument technicians.


All Attendees should have a sound power generation background.

Course Outcome

Upon successful completion of the course the candidate will be familiar with:

  • Boiler and Steam Generators
  • Technologies involved
  • Control and Safety systems

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction
  • Heat Exchanger Theory and Operation
  • Heat Transfer Media
  • Boiler Feedwater
  • The Formation of Steam
  • The use of Steam
  • Basic design of Steam Boilers
  • Boiler Auxiliaries
  • Process Steam Distribution

Day 2

  • Types of Boilers
    • Fire Tube Boilers
    • Cornices and Lancashire
    • The Economic Boiler
    • Oil/ Gas Fired Boilers
    • Electrical Boilers
    • Immersion Element Boilers
    • Electrode Boiler
    • Water Tube Boilers
    • Low Water Content Coil Boilers
    • Superheaters
  • Types of Burners
    • Oil and Gas Burners
    • Pressure Jet Atomizers
    • Two Fluid Atomizers
    • Spinning Cup or Rotary Atomizers
    • Emulsifying Atomizers
    • Steam or Assisted Pressure Jets
    • Coal Burners

Day 3

  • Boilers Ancillary Plant
  • Safety Valves
  • High and Low Alarms
  • Water Gauges
  • Blowdown Systems
  • Automatic Blowdown
  • Scot Blowers
  • Pressurisation Systems
  • Avoiding Corrosion in Boilers
  • Combustion Theory
  • Types of Control System used for Fuel efficient Systems
  • Control of Emissions
  • Control of Oxygen, Carbon monoxide and Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Day 4

  • Types of Boiler Control Systems
  • Overcoming the Reverse Process Reaction Curve
  • A cascade Control System
  • Fuel Control System for a Boiler
  • A Ratio Control
  • Air Fuel Ratio Control
  • Minimum Fuel Flow Limitations
  • A Mechanical Minimum Stop
  • Burner Control for a System with a Mechanical Minimum Stop
  • Pneumatic Minimum Stop
  • Minimum Stop Adjustment
  • Other Types of Burner
  • Non-return Pressure Atomized Burner
  • Steam Atomized Burners
  • Fuel Gas Burners

Day 5

  • Boiler Control System
    • Fuel Leading Control System
    • Compensating for Fuel Gas Density Variations
    • Basic fired Equipment Safety Demand
    • Matching the Fuel and air Proportions
    • The Airflow Controller
    • Protecting Against Boiler Drum Excessive Fuel Usage
    • Boiler Drum Level Control
    • Boiler Drum Pressure Control
    • Steam Temperature Control
  • Safeguarding Systems
    • Prevention of Unsafe Situations
    • Practical Control Systems
    • Test
    • Certificate Issue
  • Course Review and Feedback

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Course Ref: OTSBSG001

Course Duration: 5 Days

UK Course Dates:

16 - 20 Nov 2015

Dubai Course Dates:

10 - 14 May 2015

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